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Welcome to my personal site. I live in beautiful North Central Idaho, in Idaho County just outside the small town of Kamiah.
(Most of Kamiah is in Lewis County.)

Kamiah is pronounced: CAM-e-eye. This is a transliteration of the Nez Perce word meaning 'place of many rope litters.' Because the winter climate in Kamiah is milder than the surounding area, bands of the Nez Perces would winter over at this site next to the Clearwater River. One of the main activities at this site was the manufacture of rope using fibers from the native Camas Lily.

A young Nez Perce man encountered the Lewis and Clark 'Corps of Discovery' on their westward journey near the site of present day Weippe (Pron: WE-ipe, rhymes with pipe). The Corps, nearly starved and in poor health, stayed at the site of Kamiah for several weeks as they recovered their strength and prepared to continue their journey to the Pacific Ocean.

On their Eastward journey, the Lewis and Clark Corps once again stayed in Kamiah. After the winter snows cleared and the high mountain passes were passable the Corps of Discovery continued on their homeward trek.

My home overlooks the Clearwater Valley and the town of Kamiah. Located approximately 1500 feet above the valley, I am usually above the fog and low clouds that form in the valley.

Living in this rural area, we are often visited by the local wildlife. In the winter, hunger drives them to come very close to the house. This deer was just outside my living room window. The Juncos keep me company on many a stormy winter day.

And, yes, it does snow sometimes.


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