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Solar Electric Power Systems

Choosing to live off-grid entails a significant lifestyle choice. This goes beyond just energy conservation - one needs to be always asking the questions:

    Do I really need to be using this power right now?
    Is there a better way to do this?
    Is this appliance the most efficient one I can afford?

I have prepared the following fact sheets to help you determine if an off-grid Solar Electric Power System is suitable for you, your family and your expected lifestyle.

Solar Electric Power System Design Worksheet

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: I am not an Electrician. In the area where I live (Idaho County, Idaho) it is legal for homeowners to install, upgrade and maintain the wiring of their homes and outbuildings. Before attempting to install any sort of electrical equipment you need to know and understand all relevant building code, permitting and safety issues. Always thing SAFETY FIRST! Poorly designed or installed systems can have catastrophic consequences.