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This is a long distance shot of my home. Note the solar panels just to left of the building.

This shot shows both my home (on the right) and my neighbor Michael's place. We bought this 12 1/2 acres together and then subdivided the property. The two houses are about 100yds apart.

This shot shows some of the lower part of the property, and a portion of the shooting range that my neighbor set up. The green roofed structure (just under the time/date stamp) is our shooting shed so that we can get out of the sun or rain. There is a 35yd pistol range, and rifle shooting up to 225 yds. The white over white thing is an 80yd rifle target (only the upper portion is in the line of fire). You can also see some brown steel targets toward the lower left. There are more than can be seen here. These include multiple target stations and gongs at 205 meters.

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