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Considerations When Selecting Appliances
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Amateur Radio

    I am an avid Amateur Radio operator. I have found it entirely practical to power a typical Ham Radio Transceiver from my off-grid power system. Maximum efficiency will be realized if your rig can be powered directly from the 12VDC battery pack. Keep in mind that the transceiver will draw 20 Amps or more during transmit so locate your shack close to the battery pack and size the wiring appropriately.

    A high power amplifier ('linear') is generally contraindicated although not entirely out of the question. Full gallon amplifiers (1500W PEP in the USA) usually require 240VAC to realize full rated output power. This will require a large off-grid system with either stacked inverters or a high power 120-to-240VAC autotransformer. IMHO a better use of your money is to erect a first class antenna system.


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