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Considerations When Selecting Appliances
for Off-Grid Living:

Power Tools

    Table Saw A sine wave inverter will satisfactorily operate most power tools. My Trace SW2512 inverter happily powers my Jet contractor-style table saw. Larger tools, such as cabinet style table saws or large air compressors would require either larger inverters or use of a generator. Pay special attention to the surge (starting) current required by yout larger power tools and be certain that it is within the capability of your inverter(s).

    Router Power tools with 'electronic soft start' such as my router do not initially draw enough power to pull my inverter out of stand-by mode. I need to turn on a light first in order to keep the inverter 'awake'.

    DeWalt Battery Charger Be aware that some cordless tool battery chargers MUST be used with a sine wave inverter. It is widely known that the charger supplied with the DeWalt cordless tools will self destruct if powered from a square wave or modified sine wave inverter.


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