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Considerations When Selecting Appliances
for Off-Grid Living:

Washing Machine

    Maytag Neptune Clothes TL Washing Machine Most washing machines can be satisfactorily powered from a 1000 Watt or larger Sine Wave inverter. Drum Machines are generally more thrifty with power, and also use less water and detergent per wash load. Most drum machines are front loaders such as the Maytag Neptune. The Staber is a top loading drum machine that is especially thrifty with both electricity and water.

    Staber Washing Machines Commercial Quality Washers for the Home While the reduced power requirement is of obvious benefit, do not discount the benefits of using less water and detergent. Water requires energy to heat (commonly propane in an off-grid application) and the more water you put into your septic system, the more often it will need to be pumped. Drum machines use one-half to one-third the detergent of agitator machines.


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